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Where Design Meets Storytelling

At Findlay & Co., we believe in the magic of transformation — not just of spaces but of the experiences within them. Founded on Naomi Findlay’s visionary approach to interior design, our boutique firm specialises in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, crafting spaces that resonate with elegance and warmth.

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A Personal Touch in Every Design

Naomi, our founder and lead designer, brings her extensive background in transforming over 120 spaces to the forefront of every project. Her passion for design and an unwavering dedication to bringing clients' visions to life are at the heart of Findlay & Co.

With Naomi's guidance, we don’t just redesign spaces; we reimagine the way you live and connect within them.

Embark on a Journey of Transformation

Choosing to work with us is the first step on a journey to realizing the potential of your space. Our design process is deeply personal, reflecting your unique story and lifestyle in every detail. From the initial consultation to the final styling touches, we ensure that your vision is our mission, crafting spaces that are not only beautiful but also a true reflection of you.

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"Transforming spaces into serene sanctuaries, Findlay & Co excels in crafting light and inviting interiors. Their unique blend of elegance and comfort in design is truly inspiring. Highly recommended for those seeking a touch of tranquillity in their environment."

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Crafting Spaces with Heart and Soul

Our aesthetic is defined by a balance of beauty and functionality, layering textures, colours, and patterns to create environments that invite you to truly live in them.

Inspired by the belief that great design should evoke emotion and spark joy, our projects are a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that are both sophisticated and deeply personal.

Each design is a journey, with every element carefully selected to create a seamless blend of style and comfort.

Design That Tells Your Story

At Findlay & Co., we're passionate about creating spaces that tell a story — your story. Naomi’s unique approach, focusing on the transformation of each space to reflect the individuality of its inhabitants, ensures that every project is a bespoke creation.

From cosy rural retreats to sleek urban residences, our portfolio showcases our versatility and our dedication to design that truly makes a difference in how you experience your home.

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"Took my feelings and preferences and turning them into a visual space with total ease and efficiency. Something I would have agonized over for months, became the sanctuary I was hoping for in seemingly the blink of an eye with the guidance of Findlay & Co."

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It's more than design; it's about creating spaces where memories are made and stories are told.

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