Residential Interior Design

Telling Your Home's Unique Story Through Design

Our interior design services focus on crafting a comprehensive design guide for your builders, covering every aspect from lighting to tile orientation. This meticulous approach ensures you're free from constant queries during construction.

We aim to make this journey enjoyable, eliminating worries about matching benchtops and cabinets – that's our task now. We also assist with concept development, design development, and detailed documentation of interior design elements.

Once the renovation is complete, we guide you in selecting furniture that complements your new space. 

Practical & Beautiful

Our emphasis is on creating spaces that are both practical and stylish, catering to the specific needs of those who dwell there.

We collaborate with clients to turn their design inspirations and dreams into a reality, crafting homes that evoke pride and pleasure.

This cooperative journey allows us to extract and infuse your unique personality and essence into your home's design. 

Interior Design Services


Our process involves extensive research into images and desired interior finishes. We explore preliminary fixtures, fittings, and finishes tailored to your home, presenting initial concepts for your approval.


We meticulously select fixtures, fittings, and finishes, and create detailed floor plans and cabinetry designs for contractor quotes, culminating in a final design presentation for your approval.


We document all interior design elements, including Fittings, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E Schedule), ensuring contractors have clear guidelines throughout your build.


Post-design, our collaboration extends to selecting furniture that perfectly matches your newly renovated space.

Work With Us

About Our Interior Design Service

Our interior design services extend nationwide, focusing on aligning with your interior design aspirations rather than your location. We primarily work with clients in the  Hunter Region, and Sydney. For clients outside these regions, we offer convenient remote consultations through zoom and programmed site visits.

The duration of the entire process varies, as each home is unique. The time it takes can depend on factors such as the size of your home, specific design challenges encountered, and the build's complexity. The overall process with us may range from 6 to 36 months, while the design phase itself typically spans 6 to 20 weeks.

Interior Design FAQ
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Our Interior Design Process

We're dedicated to exceptional service, keeping you informed and engaged throughout your project.


Start by completing our contact form, providing an overview of your project and how we can assist. Feel free to include your plans and inspirational images.


Join us for a detailed initial meeting, either onsite or at our office, to explore your vision and goals. We'll review your floor plans, discussing functionality and potential modifications.


We craft a detailed work scope, covering all necessary design, selection, and coordination tasks, along with a timeline for completion.


The exciting part begins as we source and sample fixtures, finishes, and fittings for each room, giving you a tangible sense of your future home.

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Interior Design Package fees

For a detailed view of how we price our services for different rooms in your new home, see below. We offer bundled pricing for a full-service experience, making our design services both comprehensive and cost-effective. Opting for our comprehensive service packages offers you an economical design solution.

For a customised pricing guide tailored to your home, please contact us. Our pricing adjusts to the size of your home, ensuring a precise quote upon request.

A glimpse of our room-specific design pricing for crafting your new home


from $3,900
full service design & selections for your kitchen


from $2,900
full service design & selections for your batrhoom


from $2,500
full service design & selections for your laundry


from $4,500
full service design & selections for your master suite – ensuite + WIR


from $2,200
full service design & selections for your butler’s pantry


from $1,500
drawings of your robe design for custom build


from $2,200
selection of overall lighting, feature and task specific lighting


from $2,200
selection of all wall & trim paint, interior flooring & skirting boards.


from $2,500
selections for your exterior facade.


Price depends on furniture requirements.

Bring your interior vision to life

Reach out and share the details and ideas for your project, and add links to any plans or Pinterest boards you've got. It's your space to show us your dream vibe!

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